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The Incubus System-Novel

The Incubus System-Novel
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The Incubus System-Novel

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    Summary An 18-year-old poorllege student tried apply for a job as a tr but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned i a demon with a system that will turn him i... A pervert.Now he must live with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian, whilenquering MILF, monster girl, beautiful elf, demon loli which sometimes leads himmplicated relationships.Other tags : Hiding Identity, Monster Girls, Tentacles, Character Development, Weak Strong.*Most of my ry has a big harem, I'm not interested in writing a small harem with only two or three girls. The MC is not an arrogant type and doesn't carelessly kill people nor let the others died in his presence. He also doesn't treat his woman as a sex object. Even though this is a harem ry, some parts of this ry will make you tear up and have some funny scenes.You’re reading “The Incubus System” on See all Hide