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I Hate You, Devil!

I Hate You, Devil!
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I Hate You, Devil!

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    Summary "Your granddaughter claims she likes girls while my grandson is rumoured be bent so… don’t you think they are a good match for each other?" ... If you were given a chance return ten years back in time, what would you do? In every dramatic ry, the wronged and rned MC would definitely wish spend that chance rise again as someone smarter, wittier and stronger seek success and revenge. That is a given. However, for Luo Xiaolei, the world rotates clockwise for her. In her previous life, Luo Xiaolei was the badass avenger. She spent her youth climbing up thep, reclaiming what was supposed be hers and destroying the people whortured her when she was young, mercilessly taking revenge on the people responsible for her mother’s death. She was a survivor. However, in the end, when she finally succeeded in attaining both her revenge and goals, just when she thought that it was time for her happy ending, on her wedding night, the cycle of revengentinued and another avenger rose take her life. In the end, she wasrnered until she fell off the veranda. But she didn’t die. She miraculously returned ten years ago. She was given the chance re-live her life again- what will she do? Will she take the path of revenge all over again? .... Yu Chen, the man dubbed as ’the devil’ of the business world and rumored be heartless and ruthless was the type of man in every girl’s dream. He was gorgeous as hell, ultra rich and powerful, but he was rumored be bent because of his dislike women. But one night, a girl finally caught his attention. He decided pursue her because he thought it was boring get her by force. However, before heuld even begin do anything, the girl appeared before him and suddenly proposed him. .... Thus, the pursue game, no, the pursue war began.You’re reading “I Hate You, Devil!” on See all Hide