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You Practice Immortality, I Farm

You Practice Immortality, I Farm
300 Chapters
551.3 K views

You Practice Immortality, I Farm

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    Novel Summary

    As soon as Lu Xuan woke up, he became an ordinary spiritual planter in Sanxiufang City, guarding a one-acre three-point spiritual field, and living in the world of practice.

    Fortunately, I accidentally discovered that every time a spiritual plant matures, I can get extra rewards.

    Harvest a sword grass and get a sword pill.

    Harvest a Xuan Chong vine and get a share of Yin Xingsha.

    Harvest a Youquan flower and get a piece of Zhiyan Pill Recipe.

    From then on, he guarded his spiritual field peacefully, and sat and watched the world of practice turbulent and vicissitudes.

    “What about fighting skills, exploring secret realms, seeking immortal fate, obtaining magic weapons…all have nothing to do with me!”

    “I just want to farm quietly.”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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