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Yan Yang of the Zerg

Yan Yang of the Zerg
103 Chapters
38.3 K views

Yan Yang of the Zerg

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    Novel Summary

    How many steps does it take to go from a silly white sweet (not) social animal youth to His Royal Highness Niu Colu’s male?

    The females who approach him are profitable?

    Yan Yang: What happened? I just want to be an ordinary modeler.

    Author: No, you can’t

    Perhaps from the moment you opened your eyes to this world, this game of chess has continued. You have to think about whether you are a pawn or a chess player.

    Note: [Non offensive control or control, no cheats, the protagonist is just an ordinary person]

    [Traditional Zerg set, with more females and fewer males, very weak and aggrieved in the early stage of attack, it is a process of slowly growing and becoming stronger]

    [Buddhism is more essays, you can watch it as well, so you won’t be pitted]
    Content Tag: Strong Strong Birth Rebirth Future Overhead

    Search keywords: Protagonist: Yan Yang Supporting actor: Xing Boshu, Ye Wangui, Ajiayi, Song Jihuan Others: more females and less males without CP

    One sentence introduction: I am the only male that is so difficult to live…

    Idea: I can’t find what I want to see, I can only write it myself

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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