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Wife Addiction, Don’t Run Away, Madam

Wife Addiction, Don’t Run Away, Madam
715 Chapters
105.2 K views

Wife Addiction, Don’t Run Away, Madam

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    Novel Summary

    [Sweet pet ran with the ball to chase his wife in the crematorium]

    [Roaming Playboy VS Grumpy Casual Costume Designer]

    On the day of the wedding, Li Wan escaped.

    Five years later, he reappeared with a four-year-old little Mengbao.

    The bridegroom-to-be abandoned by Li Wan, the young master Huo Lingtian once gritted his teeth bitterly:

    If this woman reappears one day, he will do everything possible to torture and humiliate her.

    But he didn’t expect that once they met, he… actually couldn’t beat this tiger lady.

    Later, the cynical Young Master Huahua lost his heart and was moved.
    From then on, only Li Wan was left in his eyes.
    “Late, we haven’t divorced yet, I still have a chance, right?”
    Li Wan: “Where do you go? Your favorites are cheap, I don’t want them!”
    Mengbao scowled, disgusted: “Go away, daddy, my mommy is so beautiful!”
    Later, Huo Lingtian pressed Li Wan in the corner, begging in a mute voice: “My wife, look at me.”
    Li Wan: “I’m blind, I can’t see clearly!…

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