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When the Heroine Becomes Paranoid

When the Heroine Becomes Paranoid
158 Chapters
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When the Heroine Becomes Paranoid

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    Novel Summary

    When the heroine becomes paranoid (quick wear)
    Author: Come and sign up
    Text of this article:
    (The lightning protection point is below, first point the question: the heroine is not a good person, if you don’t like it, don’t force it.)
    The warmth of the new recruit is assigned tasks by the main system. She needs to play the role of a female supporting role or a cannon fodder villain in each world, complete the main task, and become a stepping stone for the male and female protagonists to the peak of success and the great harmony of life.
    One hundred tasks, after the warm completion, still maintain the original intention, want to retire, plan to use the points to exchange for a relaxed world to enjoy the old age.
    However, due to the sudden OOC of the female protagonists in several of the quest worlds, their attributes changed greatly, and the main line of the world was forcibly changed, and they did not go into great harmony with the male protagonists, which led to the collapse of the main line of the quest world, and all the warmth points were frozen.
    The wealth of the family is so impoverished that it is nothing more than that.
    In this regard, the method given by the system is to let the warmth go to the collapsed world and reduce the blackening value of the heroine.
    Collapse of the world 1: The popular queen and the president of Duojin: In your eyes, I am someone who wants to marry into a wealthy family?
    Collapsing World II: Gao Leng, Paranoid Academic God and Arrogant and Domineering School Master: You treat me well, are you sympathizing with me?
    Collapsing World 3: The richest man in the capital and the Merry Prince: You just can’t live without a man?
    Collapsing World IV: Demon disciple and Xianmen master: Master, I hurt so much, do you really have the heart to kill me?
    While thawing the points, Nuan found that the plot was getting more and more out of its original trajectory.
    She couldn’t help but wonder again and again:
    Why does the heroine frequently confess to her?
    Why does the male protagonist gradually lose his sense of existence?
    Why is “she” in every world so familiar?
    Nuan Nuan opened his eyes again and looked at the sleeping heroine in his arms. After the system asked for the props, he smoked and said in a deep voice, “System, how do I feel… I’m bent?”
    System: [If this is the first time you tell me this…I can think of a reason for you. 】
    Nuan paused: “I actually… didn’t plan to ask you to find a reason for me to bend.”
    【Then what did you say to me? 】
    He said warmly, “Show your love.”
    I am only a shadow in the human world, how can I live and die differently?
    Tsundere, Almighty, Suffocating, Warm VS, The Birth of the Awakened (Paranoid Crying Bag Lure).
    Edible Instructions:
    1. Bend straight!
    2. Most of the text is the author’s private design, please don’t go into it!
    3. The characters in “Male Protagonist, let go of that female protagonist, let me come” will appear several times, there is a linkage!
    4. One of the protagonists is not the main god. As for what you can collect first and then watch the text to explore together!
    5. Nuan is a bit distorted, likes to take a crooked path, maximizes benefits, and seeks her to achieve satisfactory results, so she will not take into account the life and death of others, and will gradually improve in the later period, (after all, Nuan’s evil deeds There are quite a few.)
    6. If there is a friend Lei, we can meet in the next book.
    Content tags: Encounter by fate system Quick wear Shuangwen
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Warm, Awakened (there are many names) ┃ Supporting role: They in thousands of worlds ┃ Others:

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