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Warship of Great Power

Warship of Great Power
864 Chapters
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Warship of Great Power

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    Novel Summary

    Qin Tao, the famous ship chief engineer, went back thirty years ago to the Mingzhou Shipyard that he had abandoned. Everything will start all over again!

    The factory manager and the cashier ran away with the money? Qin Tao made a move to get a bucket of gold. Speedboat not fast enough? Then hang more engines! Can’t the wings of Hongqi 61 be folded? Qin Tao will solve it!

    Dredgers, LNG ships, catamaran missile boats, stealth frigates, Aegis air defense ships… Let’s see how Qin Tao casts a warship of a great power step by step!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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