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Ultimate Star Card Master

Ultimate Star Card Master
788 Chapters
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Ultimate Star Card Master

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    Novel Summary

    On Blue Sea Star, there is an extraordinary group of people who control all kinds of incredible power through armed cards. They are called Star Card Masters.

    Su Yuan came across, and he also carried a system that can strengthen his own star card.

    Transformation Realm Enlightenment Soul Card Complete Awakening = Top Qualification Soul Card [Phoenix of the Blue Sky]

    Consummation-level popular walking step: avoid certain long-range attacks!

    Perfect level Cang Yan Strike: double Cang Yan Strike!

    Consummation-level metamagnetic heavy pressure: heavy pressure field!

    Consummation level air cut: break the boundary line!

    Perfect rigid flame finger + perfect hardened iron coat = golden hand!

    Su Yuan started from strengthening the initial soul-initiating card, step by step to the ultimate realm of Star Card Master!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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