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Uchiha’s God of Muscle

Uchiha’s God of Muscle
281 Chapters
961.3 K views

Uchiha’s God of Muscle

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    Novel Summary

    Traveling through the Naruto world, he was reborn as Uchiha Itachi’s uncle, and awakened Dio’s substitute “World”.

    Have you ever seen Uchiha practicing blocks?

    Ghost back, tire shoulders, a face of Araki lines.

    Tear Susano with your hands, step on the tailed beast, and fight Kaguya Hime hand-to-hand.

    I heard that the thunder escape ninjutsu in Yunyin Village is unique in the ninja world? I invented Uchiha’s Yin Escape Illusory Body Art.

    I heard Itachi wants to exterminate the clan? When I went up, I just slapped my nephew’s teeth.

    I heard that Obito Kamui is invincible? I punched through the void.

    I am the god of muscles of Uchiha.

    Smash – Varudo!

    This book is also known as: “Saving Uchiha from the Destruction of Konoha”

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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