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Two-dimensional Seeding System

Two-dimensional Seeding System
148 Chapters
55.7 K views

Two-dimensional Seeding System

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    Novel Summary

    “Ding! Found a key plot character: Izumi Sagiri, please be sure to seed this character within a month.”

    “Ding! Detected a young female dragon Kangna of a powerful species, and asked the host to sow the species within one day!”

    “Three years is the highest death penalty.” Ye Feng looked hesitant as he looked at the young girl dragon who flung himself into his arms and acted like a spoiled child.

    ps: Comprehensive manga: 100,000 cold jokes → Mr. Erromanga → Gensokyo → Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid → Dark Bullet → Gensokyo, the world is to be determined → _ → (Feilu solemnly reminds: This story is purely It is fictitious, if there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental, please do not imitate it.)…

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