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The Summoner of the Battle of All Realms

The Summoner of the Battle of All Realms
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The Summoner of the Battle of All Realms

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    Novel Summary

    A song in Qin Shi played this life, thousands of beauties compete for their youth.

    The background of the Qin Dynasty, the invasion of the Chinese warriors.

    The Snow Maiden danced alone under the moon, alluring the city with one dance, Zhao Feiyan flowing clouds and flying sleeves, and the city was peerless. Snow girl and Zhao Feiyan dance, who is better?

    Nongyu played in the Que Pavilion, surrounded by a hundred birds, Cai Wenji fiddled with her hands, and walked around the beam for three days, Nongyu and Cai Wenji played the qin, who is a little less coquettish?

    Li Ji is the most beautiful in the Seven Kingdoms, she is one of the four beauties of Diao Chan, Shuyue Shaohua, Li Ji and Diao Chan are more beautiful, who is the best in the world?

    The four beauties, Qinhuai Bayan, Empress Wu??middot;…

    Zhao Gao is sinister? Jia Xu smiled, it would be nice to give you the title of “Poison Slayer”.

    Zhang Liang has no last resort, Liu Bowen is here, let’s compare?

    Shaoyu’s fighting power is inhuman, don’t be afraid, we have Li Yuanba.

    Han Xin is invincible in his army, the more the better.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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