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The Stupid Missy Glows Up After Marriage

The Stupid Missy Glows Up After Marriage
1729 Chapters
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The Stupid Missy Glows Up After Marriage

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    Novel Summary

    The silly and ugly eldest lady of the Meng family jumped into the river for a man.

    Knowing that she was not dead, everyone disliked it: she was about to do it again after a thousand years of harm.

    She is a writer, but she is only one person.

    “My husband, my legs are soft, I want to hug.”

    “Husband, my mouth hurts and I want to kiss.”

    The silly daughter is not ugly anymore! Also known as the “goddess”.

    Stupid daughter is not stupid anymore! Look at her unscrupulous, sharp face.

    Wait, who is the man holding the silly daughter? She actually empathized and fell in love!

    “Hehe, apart from having a good skin, that man is a soft food.”

    “Married to the daughter of the Meng family, can save more than ten years of struggle.”

    “What kind of pot goes with what kind of lid.”

    No, isn’t that man the richest man in the world?

    The first year after marriage-

    “Husband, you look so good-looking. Mua!” Mrs. Mu groaned coquettishly.

    “You stop, don’t come over!” Mr. Mu couldn’t resist such enthusiasm.

    The second year after marriage-

    Mr. Mu was wronged: “Wife, look at me.”

    Mrs. Mu waved her hand impatiently: “What’s so good about you? Don’t stop me from looking at Xiao Xianrou.”

    “You didn’t say that at the beginning.”

    “So how important it is to be knowledgeable.”


    - Description from MTLNovel


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