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The Rise of The Mythical Dragon

The Rise of The Mythical Dragon
2233 Chapters
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The Rise of The Mythical Dragon

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    Novel Summary

    The Great Tribulation of the Conferred God, once passed through, became the prince Ao Fan of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, inherited the East China Sea Dragon Palace, and became the new generation of East China Dragon King.

    At the time of the crisis, Zhuo Fan found that he had turned on the system and could add something to everything!

    Add a little bit to my younger brother Ao Bing, Baizhanglong’s body has become so great that it has evolved into the blood of Ancestral Dragon!

    Add a little to the subordinate tortoise prime minister, the tiny tortoise body will become a basalt body, and it will evolve into a basalt bloodline!

    Suddenly, the dragon clan, who was insulted by the ten thousand clan, rose instantly!

    “who are we?”

    “Ancient Dragon Race!”

    “our target is?”

    “Command the world and revive the dragon clan!”

    “what should we do?”

    “God blocks and kills gods, meets ghosts and fights ghosts. Whoever refuses to accept, kill them!”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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