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The Retirement of the Demon Lord

The Retirement of the Demon Lord
1091 Chapters
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The Retirement of the Demon Lord

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    Novel Summary

    Nowadays, everyone in the martial arts says that the Sun Moon God Cult is the dominant one.

    What nonsense!

    If it was really a dominant family, the original sect master wouldn’t take the opportunity to pass on the head to Lao Tzu! That old man left the book handover letter and ran away! I don’t know anything but fights, so I don’t want to be the leader of this demon sect!

    No, no, I won’t take this pot, I will go and enjoy my retirement now…

    PS: There are already finished works “Come to the Other World to Be a Demon King” and short and medium daily complaints “The Melancholy of Qimu Nanxiong”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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