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The Great Storm

The Great Storm
1514 Chapters
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The Great Storm

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    Novel Summary

    In 2598, the earth ushered in a catastrophe.

    The mysterious substance originating from a different domain name as “divine energy particles” poured into the earth through the cracks in space, causing the earth’s environment to undergo a catastrophe…

    Whether it is human beings, birds and beasts, or marine creatures, they have mutated and become powerful because they absorbed the mysterious power carried by divine energy particles…

    Luo Xiaoyan was originally an unknown person in the contemporary era. After graduating from university, he signed a long-term contract with a game company to make a living by writing program codes, and then accidentally crossed the earth’s future era of divine energy…

    Let’s take a look at how Luo Xiaoyan can use the “Smart Card System” of the traversing package to show his talents in the earth of the age of magic,…

    - Description from MTL


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