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The Five-year-old Milk of the Xuanmen Group’s Favorite Boss

The Five-year-old Milk of the Xuanmen Group’s Favorite Boss
626 Chapters
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The Five-year-old Milk of the Xuanmen Group’s Favorite Boss

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    Novel Summary

    The young lady who was born in the Tang family and was sent to the Taoist temple for five years was brought back.

    Everyone had their own thoughts and planned to welcome the tender, sickly and weak girl, but they did not want to see a bright little bald head.

    He also followed them like a small tail all day long, saying that they were dying soon.

    In this regard, the Tang family resisted at first, even if it is not cute and soft, it should not be a nonsense little magic stick!

    Later, when she saw that the little girl was about to take action after turning the bad guy’s shame into anger, the crowd exclaimed, she held a small whisk in one hand and a small pink fist in the other to “convince people with virtue” for them.

    The Tang family who gradually eat soft rice: Really fragrant!


    The wealthy Rong family has been inherited for a hundred years. It is rumored that there is a noble young master in this Fangshen mansion. He is dressed in Tang suit and has Buddhist beads around his wrists. Everyone is afraid.

    One day, on the reclining chair under the pear tree in the courtyard, a pile of plush yarn was placed on the lap of the boy who had always been calm and intelligent.

    The guards wondered, this little young master did not touch the spring water with his ten fingers.

    Just listen to this gentle question: I’ve been thinking about it, or a plush hat to keep warm, do you think the pink one looks good today, or the colorful one?

    Guard: ? ? ?


    Rong Qing knew from a young age that she was different, that she was too hostile, and that she always wanted to get close.

    Until she met Tang Jin holding a small whisk, pressing the ghost on the ground with a hammer, and the ghost fled everywhere, she still remembered that the sea of ​​suffering is endless.

    Later, Rong Qing touched the other party’s small bald head, and smiled and pulled her hand: How about going through a pass today, brother?

    For the sake of you being so good-looking, Xiao Nian is holding hands, softly and reservedly: Yes.

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