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The First Family of Tang Dynasty

The First Family of Tang Dynasty
3951 Chapters
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The First Family of Tang Dynasty

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    Novel Summary

    Crossed, crossed to the old Cheng’s house.

    My dad is a big bully in the early Tang Dynasty, the old Cheng family, the brother of the tiger, and six children in the battle, just ask you if you are afraid?

    What is there to be afraid of the Cheng Family Sanwa, who has eaten Xiongxinbaozigu, and drunk the wolf heart and dog lung soup?

    Rabies? I can cure it. You have a problem with your prostate. I cut it for you.

    In this era, there is no Gongbao kidney, no dried string beans, no husband and wife lung slices, and no spicy hot pot.

    Don’t be afraid, I am here. I know where the origin of the pepper is, where the origin of the cow baby is, and where there are crayfish.

    I don’t believe it, these things can only be offered in front of my tablet by the descendants of later generations.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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