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The Fantasy Boss is Weak and Helpless After Crossing

The Fantasy Boss is Weak and Helpless After Crossing
136 Chapters
79.2 K views

The Fantasy Boss is Weak and Helpless After Crossing

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    Novel Summary

    The cultivation genius Tang Jiuge has crossed over and has become a squeamish girl who suffers from heart disease, is weak and helpless, and is scared unconscious at every turn.
    In this high-tech world where aliens are running around and ordinary people are protected by supernatural beings, such people will die at any time!
    Tang Jiuge immediately began to practice!
    In order not to arouse suspicion from relatives and friends, she still tried her best to maintain the charming appearance of the original owner.
    As a result, in the PK live match of the Seven Abilities Academy, everyone saw a weak girl who was far behind the team.
    The audience called out that the Chilei Academy was in decline, and the future of mankind was hopeless!
    However, when the aliens raided and the team was overturned,
    The girl who was at the end of the line just now suddenly burst out.
    Before everyone could see it clearly, they saw a blood fog covering the sky, and then bloody corpses fell all over the floor.
    And the girl who caused all this and was surrounded by her teammates seemed to notice the live broadcast, and suddenly her body softened and she buried herself in the arms of her teammates, “Hey, the monster just now was so scary, my legs are soft…”
    Jiuge Family and Friends Group: It’s all to blame for the alien species just now! Look what scares our little Jiu!
    Audience: … Are you sure it wasn’t that she scared the aliens?

    - Description from MTLNovel


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