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The Boss Is So Fierce

The Boss Is So Fierce
452 Chapters
137.7 K views

The Boss Is So Fierce

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    Novel Summary

    Tang Zhi didn’t expect that he would be dug into the wall, and the person who dug the wall was her cousin.

    The fiancé, who had never met, ran over confidently: “Let’s break the marriage, I don’t love you, the person I love is Xiaoxuan.”

    Tang Zhi looked up at him lazily, and thought silently – medium.

    “Oh, go back.”

    That night, a glimpse of the high-end private club, as a Buddhist face control, Tang Zhi remembered that sharp face at a glance.

    He is clearly wearing the most orthodox black suit, but he has an indifference and wildness that cannot be ignored, which is pleasing to the eye.

    A few days later, someone on the internal forum of an international organization placed an order – 5 million, to buy his personal contact information.

    Fourth Sister Gentle: Xiao Liu, I heard that you placed the order last night?
    The irritable second child: Okay, I didn’t embarrass me.

    Rookie cousin: Tang Xiaozhi, you are fucking crazy! What exactly do you want to do?
    Calm Yangou heroine: Can’t you see it? I am chasing him.

    Ruthless and heartless boss in a rumor: Well, don’t chase.

    He delivered it himself.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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