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Star World Legendary Guild

Star World Legendary Guild
1916 Chapters
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Star World Legendary Guild

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    Novel Summary

    “Do you want to take risks? Do you want to add excitement to your boring life…! Please go to xx to fill in the information, you are a member of our Sacred Pattern Guild.” A magician girl read the flyer. .

    “President! Run! That guy xxx has lost his love again. He is looking for a duel with you now.”

    “Damn it! If you become a Sword Saint, you will still lose your love!”

    “President, that guy said that you lied to him so that he couldn’t become a magician until he lost his love. In short, you should run!”

    “Damn, that guy even said that I harmed him even though he didn’t have the talent for magic. Forget it, I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll hide from him for a while.”

    The magician girl saw that the guild leader of the holy pattern was so fast that it gave a small visual illusion of displacement, and quickly passed by her side.

    The magical girl lightly stroked the magician’s hat, which was affected by the strong wind, and decided, “The Sacred Pattern Guild is really interesting. I decided to join this guild.”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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