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Sniper Track

Sniper Track
511 Chapters
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Sniper Track

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    Novel Summary

    Firearms change swords, firearms release magic, and firearms are now in the field!

    In the year 2700, the world is catastrophic, and the fittest survives. The Sky-Covering Giant Peng and the Silver-Winged Goshawk Demon Lord tore apart the sky, proud of the sky. Under the magic whirlpool of Jueyuan, the nine-headed king snake and the deep-sea blood shark fought bloodthirsty.

    The vast and boundless continent, the rugged forest, the double-eyed white tiger shreds the blood-sucking vines of the Thousand-eyed Demon Tree.

    People who retreated in the city used their lives to build a protective barrier, tenaciously adhered to the fire of human civilization, and prospered for three hundred years.

    Only by awakening firearms and becoming the [fittest] can we protect the last pure land of human existence.

    Even if there are magical beasts, the sea clan landed, and the underworld invaded, so what!

    In 3020, the soul of the country will be blessed, and Huaxia will be worry-free.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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