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Royal Beast: The Strongest Breeder

Royal Beast: The Strongest Breeder
274 Chapters
313.4 K views

Royal Beast: The Strongest Breeder

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    Novel Summary

    [May I ask what is the method to distinguish the sex of Thunder Mouse? ]
    [What kind of psychedelic beast is Thorn Seahorse? ]
    [What is the superpower trick that Lipstick Magneto can learn? ]
    The last subject of the college entrance examination, comprehensive science, suddenly became the basic knowledge of Eudemons!
    Sitting behind the desk, Chen Qiyue looked blank.
    Looking at the contents of this test paper and the students around him who were busy writing, the corners of Chen Qiyue’s mouth twitched.
    He must be dreaming.
    Otherwise, the world is crazy!
    Inside the Phantom Beast Breeding House,
    “Sir, which one do you want to buy?” the waitress asked weakly.
    Chen Qiyue pointed to one of the phantom beast eggs, “I want it!”
    “Okay, I’ll take it off for you.”
    “Wait! I choose this one!”
    Chen Qiyue pointed to another egg.
    “Okay, do you want to change it?”
    “hold on!”
    Receptionist: …
    half an hour later,
    Chen Qiyue happily embraced the black-and-white Laqiu in his arms, and left with the blue-spotted egg.
    The female receptionist suddenly turned pale, her legs became weak, she fell to the ground, and began to cry.
    This person is too bad, he deliberately pointed out all these phantom beast eggs.
    Chen Qiyue spread his hands, who made my golden finger have to be like this…
    Heck, I’m a decent person!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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