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Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct System

Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct System
1566 Chapters
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Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct System

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    Novel Summary

    God-level decomposition and reconstruction system: any object can be decomposed and rebuilt.

    Scrap the car? Disassemble it to create a brand new luxury car!

    A bunch of small diamonds? After decomposing it, it creates a super-large diamond weighing ten pounds!

    Broken phone? After disassembling it, it will create a future mobile phone seventy years later!

    What? What if money is sick?

    It’s not that simple. Throw away all kinds of medicines and recreate them together. Isn’t there a super special medicine…

    Virtual reality technology, a purely domestic mobile computer operating system, a car using pure air, the world’s first moon base…

    A few years later, Nucleation Technology, founded by Xue Zha Lin, turned out to be the largest group in the world.

    【Single Female Lead】【Full Book Free】

    Please rest assured to enter the pit!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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