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Returning From Level 900

Returning From Level 900
573 Chapters
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Returning From Level 900

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    Novel Summary

    The World Tower has unimaginable wealth and treasures. Once a week, as long as you rush high enough, you can surpass ordinary people and enjoy a brilliant and glorious life.

    A thousand floors are capped, and some people say that reaching the thousand floors can get the wealth of the whole world; some people say that above the thousand floors is a beautiful new world or even heaven; some people say that they can obtain the power of gods;

    Unfortunately, no one has reached the summit for thousands of years.

    The strongest team in the world rushed to the 929th floor, which was unprecedented, and was still destroyed.

    Wang Wen survived.

    Time went back to twenty years ago.

    Reborn with all the emotions and experiences, the lush Wang Wen in front of the World Tower is calm and determined.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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