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Reloaded Wasteland

Reloaded Wasteland
2377 Chapters
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Reloaded Wasteland

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    Novel Summary

    In the world after the cataclysm, mankind relies on the remaining technology and genetic abilities to survive.

    Luo Fei was chopped off by his brothers who grew up, and thrown into the dimensional realm of nothingness.

    Facing a disaster, Luo Fei, who came back strong, his brother said: You will become the evil lord in the future, enslaving all living beings, harming the world, and what is more abhorrent is still robbing my fiancee, taking my confidant, and plundering my brother’s subordinates. . So I want to kill you…

    Luo Fei: How do you know?

    Brother: Because I am a rebirth.

    Luo Fei: I am actually not interested in women.

    Brother: I am not blind, they all have your children.

    Luo Fei: Don’t get me wrong, we are actually brothers. They are affectionate to me, and I must be righteous to them. They just want to ask me for help and have a child. What can I do to be wicked…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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