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Red Envelope Chat Group of the Heavens

Red Envelope Chat Group of the Heavens
553 Chapters
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Red Envelope Chat Group of the Heavens

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    Novel Summary

    Master of Malaysia fisted the tall buildings!

    Master Xiao Ma is walking in the air!

    Master Ren takes the palm of the river!

    A genius school flower becomes a fiancee!

    Ding! Naruto joins the group.

    Ding! Sasuke joins the group.

    Ding! Qin Shihuang joined the group.

    Ding! Aizen joins the group.

    Ding! Shanks joins the group.

    Accidentally die, travel through parallel worlds, become the leader of the red envelope chat group of the heavens, and travel to the heavens, invincible!

    PS: Friends of Shuhuang, you can read the old book “Super Red Envelope Fairy Group”.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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