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Reborn Turtle: Picked Up By Monkey King at the Beginning

Reborn Turtle: Picked Up By Monkey King at the Beginning
712 Chapters
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Reborn Turtle: Picked Up By Monkey King at the Beginning

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    Novel Summary

    [Journey to the West + System + Evolution]

    I’m so sorry to be born as a tortoise.

    Upon awakening, Lin Fang found that he had reached another world and became a little tortoise.

    There was a monkey beside him, asking the immortal what he said, searching for the immortal mountain, and learning the art of longevity.

    Lin Fang sneered.

    Until after a heavy rain, a fairy mountain appeared in front of the two.

    Lingtai Fangcunshan? Xianyue Sanxingdong? The ancestor of Bodhi looked at the monkey and said, “Apprentice, I will give you the name Sun Wukong as a teacher, and I hope you will practice well in the future.”

    Lin Fang: “…”

    In the beginning, he really just wanted to stay in Lingtai Mountain and escape the catastrophe of Journey to the West.

    But looking at the heavenly soldiers and generals in the sky, as well as the jealous figure of Dinghai’s dazzling Ten Thousand Demons, he couldn’t help it! !

    …If you fight it, I will help him fight it.

    …Fuck, why isn’t it over yet! !

    ……Walking on horseback, Brother Monkey, let’s go to Broken Lingxiao together! !

    …Tathagata, die for me! !

    …Crack! Since then, at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, besides the monkey, there is one more person.

    … Brother Monkey, don’t worry, five hundred years later, we will be a good guy again. When that time I will accompany you to smash Lingxiao again, remember that you must not listen to the monk’s flicker.

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