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Rebirth of the Peerless Miss

Rebirth of the Peerless Miss
3355 Chapters
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Rebirth of the Peerless Miss

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    Novel Summary

    Before the rebirth, Ouyang Xia Sha also liked to be crazy and like to play like her peers. By chance, she heard what her parents were saying, so under the feeling of guilt, she became quite normal, suppressed her own nature and was safe.

    She is a good girl in the hearts of her parents, but she doesn’t want to see disappointment in the eyes of her parents who have worked hard for her!

    So she studied well and was admitted to the top X in the country for undergraduate and master’s degree;

    Well-trained, typical lady;

    A good look and a good figure;

    Even after graduation, he was directly retained at X University!

    Before the age of 25, Ouyang Xiasha has always been the pride of her parents, the pride of her relatives, the object of jealousy by many girls, and the unattainable goddess pursued by many boys!

    So Ouyang Xiasha does not have many real friends, but fortunately she has Fu Xinyu, a man who dotes on her and loves her. They are childhood sweethearts and have been in love for thirteen years, and now they have reached the stage of marriage;

    There is also Mu Qingchi, her only friend and girlfriend who is willing to talk!

    She feels that she has been very satisfied in her life!

    If what happened that day did not happen, perhaps Ouyang Xiasha would not be equated with the tragedy. Her parents, family and friends found out together that her only friend and lover had both betrayed herself!

    For the first time, Ouyang Xia Sha felt that the sky had fallen!

    It turns out that her is too good, which hurts his man’s dignity, and her feminine temperament is so-called innocent! …

    The parents suppressed the anger in their hearts and took their daughter home distressedly, but misfortunes never came singly. A truck drove in the opposite direction and rushed towards them through a red light. In the end, the father and mother could only do their best to pull the steering wheel and save her!

    Sad and guilty, and found that the death of her parents was very strange. In the end, she decided to live on behalf of her parents and find out the truth about the murder of her parents. However, Ouyang Xia Sha, who was determined, just walked out of the hospital door with a car. Porsche slammed into speeding head-on! …

    After rebirth, Ouyang Xia Sha returned to twelve years old. The year she started to change her personality, she decided to just be herself once again!

    Just rely on yourself! You must have enough strength to protect your loved ones!

    “Only you can be trusted in this world!”

    She also wants her parents to be proud of herself and stand on a higher apex!

    There is also the enmity of my parents in the world, so I must personally repay it!

    Maybe it’s because God couldn’t see her previous life’s ‘good people are not rewarded’. The rebirth I actually came with a super invincible space, plus the so-called ‘yin and yang eyes’!

    She just wants to be ordinary!

    But why, the self who intends to embrace non-marriageism, is chasing more and more peach blossoms, the previous life rejected his first love, the arrogant school grass, the scumbag Fu Xinyu.

    Why even that godlike man has joined the team of Peach Blossoms? The older sister is not controlled by the uncle! Men are terrible!

    Can’t I hide? This is a modern high-quality woman who died and lived again, with space abilities, regaining her nature, and a story of prosperity!

    This is the story of a modern, heartbroken, high-quality woman who decides to stay away from love but is surrounded by peach blossoms!

    Ok! Ziyi’s profile has always been incompetent, please jump!

    A little abuse before rebirth, after rebirth, she will never abuse the heroine!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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