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Rebirth of the Pampered Wife

Rebirth of the Pampered Wife
1354 Chapters
611.4 K views

Rebirth of the Pampered Wife

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    Novel Summary

    When he woke up, Mu Nansheng watched his favorite man Jiang Beijia and his closest sister Mu Wanwan destroy his family and family.

    It turns out… it turns out that everything is a scam!

    “Sister, my dear good sister, look at your good husband, he is so kind to you, he would rather sacrifice himself to protect you. Hehe… If you want to blame it, you are the one who looked at you in the first place. Blind.” Mu Wanwan sneered and pinched Mu Nansheng’s neck fiercely.

    “My good sister, let me give you a ride!”

    On the verge of death, the figure of a man flashed in Mu Nansheng’s mind, “Lu Jingchen, I’m sorry…”

    The heroine’s rebirth text, bringing her husband and children to abuse the scum together.

    Not brainless! The heroine is not black!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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