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Rebirth Profession Sells Miserably

Rebirth Profession Sells Miserably

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    Novel Summary

    Xingshu stayed for ten years in the last days, was pushed down by the wave of zombies by his fiance, and died of self-destruction.

    Xingshu found that he was about to die tragically when he had penetrated into the realm of cultivating immortals, and he was about to die tragically with poison in his body, and wanted to save him.

    As a result, in the last days, the hard-boiled rough man began a step-by-step life in the world of cultivating immortals, focusing on a life of professionalism and misery. And the acting is very devoted.

    1. Dramatic disease is spoiled by online sales, and every day is on the verge of collapse.

    2. Main acceptance, 1V4.

    3. The ending is imprisoned by the four attacks. It is not compulsory. Anyway, you don’t want to escape. If you are imprisoned, you will be imprisoned.

    4. Divide the loyal dog and the devil’s head attack, the mouth dislikes the body and the ghost repairs the attack, crying and the hard mermaid attack, the evil charm and the mad python attack.

    5. I’m about to start wave, thank you for your support~///(≧▽≦)/~

    The keywords of the rebirth profession sell badly: the rebirth profession sells badly, since then the germ is not early, the main sufferer, face slap, cool text, sickness, strong

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