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Prehistoric: A Stable Life, Starting From the Journey To the West

Prehistoric: A Stable Life, Starting From the Journey To the West

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    Novel Summary

    Carrying the strongest reading system through the world of the Tang Dynasty and becoming a scholar who has just been awarded the jinshi, Chen Qi found that the Tang Dynasty was a bit strange.

    The champion is Chen Guangrui, who has just been hit with a hydrangea by the daughter of the left prime minister Yin Kaishan, and is about to counterattack and marry Bai Fumei.

    A physicist named Yuan Shoucheng came to the gate of the city. He had three hexagrams a day, and he liked golden carp the most.

    In addition, he also heard that Wei Zheng, the Prime Minister of the Right, can kill ghosts and gods in a dream…

    Chen Qi was completely panicked.

    As soon as you talk about the strategy to destroy the Buddha, you tell me this is Journey to the West?

    King Tang was displeased, suppressed by hundreds of officials, and distributed to the Hanlin Academy?

    It’s okay, hide in the small building and become a united, who cares about his winter and summer and spring and autumn!

    Sixty years later, when Li Tang took a curtain call, the empress ascended the throne, and asked me to come out of the mountains and settle the world.

    Since then, the heaven will return to the heaven, the world will return to the world, and the monks in the west can only go to the west.

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