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Pirates: The Strongest Creatures of Beasts

Pirates: The Strongest Creatures of Beasts

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    Novel Summary

    Luo Xing travels through the world of pirates and obtains a system of increasing defense power. When he receives different degrees of damage, he will increase the defense points of the corresponding level.

    Luo Xing started from Wano Kingdom’s Hundred Beasts Group, step by step towards becoming the strongest.

    “Come on, Yamato, hit me, you’re welcome!”

    “General Akainu, did you not eat enough in the morning? Why is the magma so warm?”

    “White Beard, your Zhenzhen Fruit should be even stronger, right?”

    Luo Xing continued to challenge the strong, and what broke the strong was that Luo Xing became stronger and more fleshy, and in the end they couldn’t even break Luo Xing’s skin.

    Teacher Kai shouted loudly: “Among the people who have fought against me in terms of defense, no one is more fleshy than you. I, Kaido of Beasts, would like to call you the strongest creature!”…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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