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Pirates: King of the World From the White Town

Pirates: King of the World From the White Town
192 Chapters
240.1 K views

Pirates: King of the World From the White Town

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    Novel Summary

    You have a new wish order.

    [Wanshiwu Ayin wants a large sum of money to repay the debt, and the reward is Shiraiyasha’s combat experience]

    [Gourmet hunter Alu wants to taste delicious ingredients that he has never eaten before, and the reward is a gourmet cell]

    [Demon Slayer Squad swordsman Zuihei Inosuke wants a precious sword that cuts ghosts like mud, and the reward is the beast’s breathing method]

    [Illya wants to summon the strongest servant to win this Holy Grail War, the reward is the Little Holy Grail]

    [Valkyrie Brunhilde is looking for the strongest human being. In order to defeat the gods, what is the reward? ? ? 】

    . . . . . .

    Gustaves Abel has responded to prayers from various worlds countless times.

    Although he is a mortal, he is like a god.

    One day, when he suddenly looked back, he realized that he had already stood on top of the world.

    And everything in the story has to be told from the boy who escaped from the white town that day…

    (Old Faceless returns to Pirate’s new work, let us set sail again!)

    - Description from MTLNovel


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