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Opening Sign to the Infinite Dragon God

Opening Sign to the Infinite Dragon God
1263 Chapters
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Opening Sign to the Infinite Dragon God

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    Novel Summary

    Traveling through the world of High School of Devil, Su Yang obtained the god-level sign-in system, and he signed to Orpheus at the beginning?

    [Congratulations to the host for the reward-the ten incarnations of Vishnu from the origin of Hakata! 】

    Incarnate as the spirit fish Matthias, in the form of a “box boat”, an endless world is shaken by a wave. Incarnate into the world Longju Limo, carry the world on your back, and walk in the endless sea of stars…

    That month of Nangong: Did the gods of the foreign land come to me to fulfill the contract? (Panicing)

    Emilia: Yang Jun is my knight~

    Tornado: He is just a collector of other people’s things.

    Orpheus: I… the contractor…

    Su Yang: Orpheus, don’t do this, I am not a dragon knight.

    Although you have become a god, please don’t believe in me, um… if it’s a girl, it’s okay?

    (High School DxD — Strike the Blood series — ….. — …Box Court Returned to One…Daily Extraordinary)

    - Description from MTLNovel


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