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One New Rule Per Month Globally

One New Rule Per Month Globally
369 Chapters
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One New Rule Per Month Globally

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    Novel Summary

    “Blue Star version 4.0 will be updated without stopping at 12:00 am on April 1st. The main content and adjustments of this update are as follows.”

    “Add this month’s rule “Active Master”: All players must talk to others 1,000 sentences a day…”

    When an abrupt reminder sounded in the ears of all humans on the blue star.

    The world ushered in the baptism.

    In the monthly version update, there will be a new rule of the month, and all players must abide by the rule.

    And Chen Yi, who picked up a big leak before the third version update, looked at the full 6-digit coupon balance in his account and grinned.

    “Consumptive rabbit, we may have to rise up completely this time.”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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