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Obviously, He Has a Crush on Me

Obviously, He Has a Crush on Me

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    Novel Summary

    Lu Ran, the cold and perfect student, silently fell into Jiang Nuan, this big pit and never got out in his life.

    Years later, Jiang Nuan touched her chin and suddenly realized that her entire youth was the history of being pursued by this **Men Sao.

    Jiang Nuan: Are you serious? Then, can you pursue me even more crazy and cool!

    Lu Ran: Isn’t it crazy cool to bring you, a dud to a top university?

    You used to be cute, with bright eyes,

    and every moment you looked at me was like a confession.

    You are still very cute now,

    but there are thousands of worlds in your eyes besides me.

    Occasionally looking at me makes me want to confess to you madly.

    ——Lu Ran, a top student of the High School Affiliated to Normal University, has admit defeat.

    **Men Sao means outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside.

    - Description from Novelupdates


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