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Naruto’s Strongest Force

Naruto’s Strongest Force
261 Chapters
86.6 K views

Naruto’s Strongest Force

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    Novel Summary

    Uchiha Natsuki obtained the power system, revived Uchiha, and created the strongest force in the ninja world.

    Exclude me Uchiha? Sorry, we quit!

    Whoever the garrison likes will go!

    “Kakashi, Danzo was the mastermind behind White Fang’s death and was connived by the Third Generation. You actually worked for Konoha!?”

    “Itachi, this time I will awaken the Eternal Kaleidoscope for you.”

    “Bai, your actual combat ability is too weak. Please enter the Tsukiyomi space to practice for a few years.”

    Sorry, we Uchiha have kaleidoscope per capita.

    Who can fight in a group fight these days? Get on my shoulder!

    Otsutsuki is coming to destroy the world, but you are still striving to be Hokage. There is something wrong with you.

    Danzo: “We must not allow Uchiha to gain power!”

    “Sir, Uchiha Fugaku has resigned from his position as captain of the Konoha Guard.”


    Third Generation: “The position of Hokage will never be given to you as Uchiha!”

    “Hokage-sama, Uchiha has withdrawn from the Hokage campaign.”


    “Sir! Uchiha has established his own country!”


    “It’s not rare for us Uchiha to use a Hokage as a treasure. Let’s wait and use him as a target.”

    ps: Hizashi did not die simply because he wanted Neji to have a father.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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