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Naruto: I Became Naruto’s Blackened Personality

Naruto: I Became Naruto’s Blackened Personality
182 Chapters
263.0 K views

Naruto: I Became Naruto’s Blackened Personality

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    Novel Summary

    [Naruto + System + Blackening + Cool Text]

    Fengxu travels through the Naruto world and becomes Naruto’s suppressed blackened personality.

    After experiencing all Naruto’s experience, he can’t repay grievances with kindness, let alone forgive!

    Since the main personality has nothing to do, then his sub-personality is in charge of everything!

    Bullied Naruto’s kill! Framed Naruto’s kill! Want to master Naruto’s kill!

    At the same time, Feng Xu continued to weave a web to eat away at Naruto.

    “Naruto, do you know the difference between a king and a mount?”

    “Naruto, all the suffering in this world is caused by the lack of ability of the person concerned.”

    “Naruto, you can’t protect anything, you just kill everyone.”

    “So, give your body to the stronger me.”  …

    - Description from MTLNovel


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