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Mystery: The Star Key

Mystery: The Star Key

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    Novel Summary

    We follow the footsteps of freedom, neither walls nor gates can stop us;

    We master strange techniques, and neither experts nor passersby can see through us;

    We have the keys to the stars, neither thieves nor clowns can surpass us;

    Under the crimson moonlight, we are under the most terrible curse, we cannot escape, this is our destiny…

    We are…Abraham!

    1. The original master of the mystery is Xiangdou, and the protagonist starts from the master of juggling

    2. Timeline After Xiaoke falls asleep, there is no CP / heroine.

    3. The daily update time is tentatively scheduled at 18:45.

    4. The purpose of this article is to write about the world he must protect no matter what, and to write about him in the eyes of other civilians who are guarded by him.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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