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My Wife Is The Final Boss

My Wife Is The Final Boss
934 Chapters
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My Wife Is The Final Boss

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    Novel Summary

    Once everything was annihilated, the sea of ​​​​stars was restarted, and the principles of heaven and human beings were all destroyed in a single thought of the evil one.

    “The final boss is my wife?”

    When Xu Changan returned home, he looked at his wife who was cooking and shook his head: “The system is exhausted again.”

    In front of the almond tree in front of the house.

    Xu Changan wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist and said, “A few little demons, I’ll be back when I go.”

    “Be careful on the road.” After the woman sent him away, she looked up at Xingzhi.

    What should I do if my husband is cheating?

    Otherwise…the world will reopen.

    ps: [Daily], [Emotional Line], [Xianxia], [Slow Heat].

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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