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My Stand-in is Thanos

My Stand-in is Thanos
432 Chapters
113.1 K views

My Stand-in is Thanos

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    Novel Summary

    “The second element is really dangerous!”

    Ye Yinkong, who accidentally traveled to a special plane that blended plural fantasy world views, and was attached to a sixteen-year-old ignorant boy, said that he was really square.

    Why do you want to ask?

    It’s simple!


    Tokyo is divided into one-third of the area, named as academy city?

    Take a closer look: Juwang Academy, Teng Meiyuan, Provoking High School, Yuki High School… The No. 1 High School in Tianwang State?

    Xiongying was the volunteer filled out by my sister?

    Xianjin Island was established in the Pacific Ocean?

    Not long ago, did Sardinia in Europe explode directly?

    A big chrysanthemum cracked in the sky above the sky?

    What the hell is the umbrella headquarters?

    The next door, Kobayashi, is going to Fuyuki City for a group tour? Can you stop making trouble?

    The young man named Caiyue Suba who lives nearby has been missing for a week?

    Dancing grass!


    “I’m the only stand-in messenger? And the wave form is still… Thanos wearing infinite gloves?”

    Ye Yinkong breathed a sigh of relief, “Then there is nothing to be afraid of!”

    That night, he received an invitation letter from the box court.


    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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