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My Spy Years

My Spy Years
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My Spy Years

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    Novel Summary

    When Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: What is my identity today (which vest should I wear)?

    This book is also known as “Ace Agent: My Vests Are Countless”.

    The red ‘flame’ hidden deep inside the enemy, the agile and outstanding member of the red team ‘Chen Zhou’, the favorite general of the military commander Dai Chunfeng, the blue bird… and so on.

    However, he knew that he was Cheng Qianfan, a staunch red warrior!

    “In the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn of dawn; in the tiger’s den, you bear the burden of humiliation and wait for the time; in the battle, you rise quietly, killing the enemy invisible; no one knows your name , your feats will be immortal…”

    His story begins in the early spring of 1936…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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