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My Poised and Elegant Seven Sisters

My Poised and Elegant Seven Sisters
1451 Chapters
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My Poised and Elegant Seven Sisters

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    Novel Summary

    I have seven elder sisters, all of them are poised and elegant.
    Big sister Meng Qingyi, a business prodigy!
    The second sister, Su Muyu, rejuvenates her wonderfully!
    Third sister Han Bing, mysterious and unpredictable!
    Fourth sister Tong Xiaoman, the country is beautiful!
    Fifth sister Zhong Ling, horrible flower!
    Sixth sister Tang Ying, Yingwu beard!
    Seventh sister Fang Rui, a genius professor!
    And me, Ye Fan!
    The lord of the Tianzun Temple, the ruler of the world!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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