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My Longevity Simulation

My Longevity Simulation

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    Novel Summary

    How hard is the fairy way!

    Not to mention this immortal world that was completely changed by a plague!

    When mortals are infected with diseases, once the immortals come into contact with them, their cultivation will decrease in light of this, and in severe cases they will return to the heavens, so immortals and mortals will be separated forever;

    Immortals cannot be practiced together, and the entire world of immortality has become a huge dark forest;

    Li Fan came from across the country. Although he had great ambitions, he could only roll around in the mundane world and wasted his life.

    Fortunately, when I was dying, I finally awakened the strange treasure, which can turn the real into the fake, turn the real life into a dream, and return to the time when I first crossed!

    So, Li Fan began his long life!

    In the second life, Li Fan took power over fifty years, but he searched all over the world and found no trace of the immortals. The immortal traces are only seen at the end of life.

    In the third life, Li Fanchen tried his best and made all kinds of plans, but in the end he was no match for the sword of the immortal!

    Fourth generation…

    I, Li Fan, a mere mortal, have no regrets for a lifetime, but seek longevity!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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