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My Aunt’s Grandma is Back

My Aunt’s Grandma is Back
466 Chapters
47.2 K views

My Aunt’s Grandma is Back

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    Novel Summary

    Wang Shuyue, her aunt, who disappeared in the 1970s, is back!

    Granny aunt, she is young and beautiful, she has high magic power, and she is super calf!

    Faced with the difficulties of the supervisor and colleague, the aunt, who was not worried about sneaking by, grabbed the supervisor’s back collar and threw it directly onto the wall and rubbed it hard.

    Granny aunt: “Huniu, what do you have nostalgia for just this broken company?”

    Wang Shuyue: Ah, this… this is the world’s top five hundred! break?

    Faced with the stubborn ex-boyfriend, she was stubbornly tangled up and kept arranging and messing up. Auntie fell from the sky and cut her head off with a flying sword, and her ex-boyfriend got all her excrement and urine.

    Grandma Aunt: “Go, go back with Grandma Aunt. You can pick any elite disciples from the whole family!”

    Wang Shuyue: “Auntie, I am blind, I change it! But! Can we not be called a nickname!”

    Take a bite of a tiger girl and treat her as shameless!

    However, with the strong return of the cultivation dad, there are more and more news about the big brother, who is back to take over the group, and Wang Shuyue always feels that the sky of the earth is about to change…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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