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Musashi of the Elves

Musashi of the Elves

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    Novel Summary

    A story of a young Musashi who is fused with memories from other worlds and slowly grows up.

    Musashi: Aber-snake, swing slowly, you are a lucky snake, not an electric fan, eh, why doesn’t it move anymore, continuity, uninterrupted, you know.

    Just like this, meow~o( =∩ω∩= )m.

    Aber Snake ( ̄□ ̄||): Bars (isn’t it good for you to catch meows directly)

    Musashi: Isn’t this in the start-up period without excess funds to raise a cat. Do you want to deduct your ration?

    Aber Snake: Buzz (I’ll do it)

    Musashi: Shaking his head, it’s apt~

    Guest: Musashi is teasing Abai Snake again, but it looks really interesting. Let’s have a bowl of chicken soup and char siu noodles.

    Musashi: Okay, please sit down, mom~ a bowl of char siu noodles in chicken broth~!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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