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Movies and TV: a New Class Per World

Movies and TV: a New Class Per World

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    Novel Summary

    “As a firearms modifier, it’s normal for me to have better marksmanship, right? John Wick?” —— “The John Wick Series”

    “As a private detective, it’s weird to solve the case faster than you, and better than you can fight? Zhou Xingxing?” – “Play Back To School”

    “As a psychiatrist, shouldn’t the patients in Arkham Asylum listen to me? Bruce?” – “Batman”

    “As an archaeological expert, a little knowledge of Feng Shui and tomb chambers, isn’t this a basic professional quality? Wu Tianzhen?” – “Tomb Raider Series”

    “As an animal breeder, is it too much to keep some Godzilla and King Kong?” – “Monster Series”


    One world, one profession, let ordinary professions glow with new brilliance in the heavens.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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