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Morning of Swordsman Tower

Morning of Swordsman Tower
285 Chapters
27.4 K views

Morning of Swordsman Tower

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    Novel Summary

    I became a doctor in Rhodes Island through the old-fashioned way, but my initial suit seems to be a little bit wrong… What’s going on with this Fluorostar battle suit?

    Kar-El, Son of Helium Star, Bronya, Ural Silver Wolf, Jin, Goddess of Dawn, Leona, Dessert General Katakuri, Revolutionary Army Officer Bartholomi Kuma, Seven Wukai Hawkeye Miho Ke, Ship Doctor Kira Yoshikage, Oceanographer Jotaro Kujo, Madagascar Penguin Agent…All the character skins you can think of, this system can be yours…Random, once a day, no return , the final interpretation right belongs to ‘Dress of Love’.

    “My name is Jogo, I’m 24 years old, I’m a doctor, unmarried, I work in the Rhode Island headquarters, and I have to work overtime every day until 8:00 in the evening before I can go back to the dormitory; I don’t smoke, I only drink lightly; I go to bed at 10:00 in the evening , I need to sleep for 9 hours every day. Before going to bed, I will swallow a piece of bread, eat three packs of seasonings, then pour a pot of boiling water, go to bed and fall asleep immediately, and never leave fatigue and stress until the next day God, Kelsey says I’m normal.”

    “I just woke up this morning, what are you talking about in your sleep, doctor?”

    “I just want to say, Amiya, please pass me the mirror and let me see what new work I have done today.”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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