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Monster Hunt: Notes From a Hunter

Monster Hunt: Notes From a Hunter
827 Chapters

Monster Hunt: Notes From a Hunter

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    Novel Summary

    A journey that begins with the hero of Kokot.

    The roaring dragon roared, Bokai Village under the Snow Mountain.

    The sons of the sea of ​​Moja feast for the great fish.

    The land of gathering clouds and warm soup, Tianjin Wufeng.

    The great desert Balu Bale was nowhere to be seen.

    On board the Dragon Consciousness Ship, the scarlet evil star swept across the mountain.

    Canglanxing raised a baby tyrannosaurus.

    The blaze is ten thousand zhang, the eternal god of fire buds and water jade! (ah?)

    ——Ignore the above remarks about the second illness, in a word, this is a pure Monster Hunter fan~(°▽?)

    (Readers: 550533684 welcome to come~)

    - Description from MTLNovel


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