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Marvel: Starts with a Zanpakuto

Marvel: Starts with a Zanpakuto
1795 Chapters
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Marvel: Starts with a Zanpakuto

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    Novel Summary

    It is incumbent on me to recast the glory of the god of death!

    Start with a Zanpakuknife, and the site is all on your own!

    Mephisto, Lord of Hell?

    To play with people’s hearts, you still have to look at me!


    Just let me try the power of Canhuo Taito!

    Iron Man Stark?

    Come on, I happen to be short of a director of the Technology Development Bureau here!

    Lord, who inherited the will of the Spirit King, traveled to the world of Mei Man and decided to become the biggest behind-the-scenes man!

    When Lord ruled the three major organizations of the Invisible Empire, the Void Night Palace, and the Spirit Court, looking at the entire universe, he couldn’t help but sigh: In fact, at the beginning, I just wanted to live!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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